Insights into sustainability and performance

Did you know that cartonboard is the most sustainable packaging material? And that performance cartonboard is a hi-tech product? It is also versatile, shapeable, strong, and cost effective. Learn more and upgrade your packaging!

Cartonboard 101: How it's made

About the raw material and production process. What should be valued in terms of aesthetics and physical properties. What products and applications it is used for. Presentation of the Crownboard portfolio

Cartonboard 102: Sustainable solutions and CO2 reduction

Choice of cartonboard from sustainable perspective. Transparency and forest certifications. How lightweight packaging material reduces the carbon footprint and saves cost. Examples of sustainable packaging.

Cartonboard 103: Technical specifications, testing and structural design considerations

What the specifications really mean. How to select the right materials for your application. Reduce and replace plastic materials. How cartonboard performance is tested. Good and bad structural design. Optimization and lightweighting.


Learn more about performance cartonboard and CO2 reduction from our webinar series