Key Packaging Trends 2021

Beyond the Global Pandemic


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Packaging design has evolved over the past years, and the global pandemic has accelerated many changes that were already underway. On the other hand, international organizations saw disruptions that impacted every aspect of their supply chains, and they needed to pivot their packaging strategies to accommodate the disruption. Packaging professionals need to know which trends are impacting the industry to remain competitive after one of the biggest disruptions in supply chain history.

This eBook will illustrate the latest global trends in packaging, including increased reliance on ecommerce, changing risk assessments and communication, the continued importance of sustainability and beyond.

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Demand for Ecommerce

In 2020, unprecedented lockdowns meant more reliance on ecommerce. Find out how this increased demand is changing the way organizations are approaching packaging in 2021.

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Risk Assessment and Preparedness

In a time of extreme caution and uncertainty, organizations are making transparency and compliance a priority. Find out how brands and packaging professionals are communicating safety and compliance while preparing for the unexpected.


Sustainability in a Time of Crisis

Though consumers around the world have had to make adjustments during the pandemic, sustainability remains a high priority. For brands and end users alike, sustainable practices and materials are a must.

At BillerudKorsnäs, we find opportunities to achieve measurable results for our customers. With this eBook, we illustrate packaging improvement opportunities that can drive real growth as well. Download your free copy of Key Packaging Trends 2021 and find out what the coming years will bring packaging professionals and international brands.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with BillerudKorsnäs has enabled us to offer a notebook box that weighs less, reduces our global carbon footprint and lowers costs, while protecting our products during shipment. This partnership supports our efforts to develop products, as well as the packaging used to ship them, that are more sustainable for our company and our customers.

Erik Troelsen

HP’s director of packaging design and procurement

Traeger has been able to leverage BillerudKorsnäs’ design expertise [and] experience to supplement our constrained resources as it relates to packaging engineering, which has proven very valuable in improving product design and overall product quality.

Trevor Remetta

Traeger’s director of global sourcing

Billerudkorsnäs has become an integral part of our team, working together on packaging designs that highlight our products while assuring that our high standards of excellence in packaging is achieved and maintained across our product line.

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